Packing Plywood


Packing Plywood is the Cheap plywood for packing purpose. Our packing plywood are very strong, competitive and are the ideal packing materials for making packing boxes, crates, packaging pallets, cartons.It’s a common usage for plywood to be used as packing materials . As for packing plywood, usually the grade of appearance of plywood is not important . In order to reduce the costs for packing, usually customers require low grade face/back veneers for packing plywood. However, some customers may also want good-looking plywood to be used for packing . Anyway, the packing plywood should be strong enough.

Features & Benefits

  • About the Wood of Face/Back For Packing Plywood
  • About the Wood of Core
  • About the Glue

About the Wood of Face/Back For Packing Plywood

Customers usually require the following face/back for packing plywood :

  • DBB/CC grade or UTY (Utility) grade red hardwood face/back
  • C/C grade pine (or poplar) face/back;
  • C/C grade (also can be called E/E grade) birch face/back

About the wood of core

The wood of the core can be poplar, hardwood or birch.But in my opinion,as for packing plywood, poplar is much more suitable and economical than hardwood and birch . However, if customers require us to use hardwood or birch for the core of packing plywood, we will do according to customers’requirement.

About the Glue

If the packing plywood won’t be used in wet environment, MR glue is OK.But if customers want better glue bonding strength, melamine glue can be your choice, too . A few customers may require phenolic glue for packing plywood.